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Acetic acid
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67.5 RUB
Acid acetic synthetic The food additive of E260 is known to all as acetic acid or vinegar. The additive of E260 is used in the food industry as the acidity regulator. Generally acetic acid is applied in the form of water solutions in proportions of 3 - 9% (vinegar) and 70 - 80% (acetic essence)....
Group: Acetic acid glacial
Vinegar essence 70-80%
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47.5 RUB
Acetic acid, the concentration of which is close to 100% , is called glacial. 70 - 80% aqueous solution of acetic acid is called vinegar essence, and 3 - 15% - vinegar. Aqueous solutions of acetic acid are widely used in the food industry (food additive E260) and household cooking, as well as in...
Group: Biochemical reagents
Synthetic acetic acid GOST 19814-74
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67 RUB
Acetic acid (CH 3 COOH), produced by carbonylation from methanol and carbon monoxide on a rhodium catalyst, is used in the production of salts and ethers, acetic anhydride, acetyl chloride, dyes, insecticides, as a solvent for varnishes and paints, and also as a latex coagulant. Acetic acid is a...
Group: Acetic acid, synthetic
Technical ammonia liquor
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10 RUB
  • 9.5 RUB/l  - from 1000 l
Description Ammoniac water (water ammonia) of GOST 9 - 92 Chemical formula: NH3H2O Is issued two brands: And - for the industry, B - for agriculture In the industry liquid ammonia is applied in production of dyes, the calcinated soda, in electric production of manganese, ferroalloys, the medical...
Group: Chemical weed and pest killers
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  • 15 RUB/l  - from 2 l
Minimum order cost: 30.00 RUB
Liquid nitrogen fertilizers (UAN) are intended for use in agriculture. UAN creates optimal conditions for plant nutrition with nitrogen. It is used as a pre - sowing fertilizer and as a top dressing. For spring grain, nitrogen fertilization is carried out shortly before sowing. The nitrogen...
Group: Nitrogen fertilizer
Heavy oils
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  • 14.5 RUB/l  - from 2 l
Minimum order cost: 29.00 RUB
Heavy oils (waste from the production of n - butyl alcohol) Heavy oils are produced in accordance with the requirements of TU 113 - 00 - 0203762 - 15 - 83 Heavy oils are used for the preparation of a corrosion inhibitor as a flotation reagent in the mining industry; for flushing equipment from...
Group: Fuel oil
Acetic aldehyde TU 38.402-62-148-94
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Acetic aldehyde (acetaldehyde СН3СНО) - produced by hydration of acetylene, intended for use in the production of acetic anhydride, acetic acid, aldehyde synthetic resins, pentaerythritol, 2 - ethylhexanol and other products. Acetic aldehyde is a flammable liquid, easily oxidized by atmospheric...
Group: Acetylene
Melamine production Russia
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98 RUB
The LLC Himtreyd company offers quality melamine of production of the JSC Nevinnomyssky Azot company is made on the modern equipment of the German firm "Lurgi GmbH". Appearance: white crystal powder. Melamine represents one of the major semi - products in the industry of thermoreactive plastic....
Group: Chemical substances
Methyl acetate TU 2435-063-00203766-2001
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Methyl acetate (C 3 H 6 O 2 ) is intended for use in laboratory practice as a pure reagent, in organic synthesis, and also as a solvent. It is a transparent liquid, soluble in water. Mixes with alcohol and ether in any ratio. Toxic. Transportation: Methyl acetate is transported by all types of...
Group: Organic Chemistry
Vinyl acetate TU 6-11-0209955-1-88
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79.5 RUB
Vinyl acetate - rectified - a product of the vapor - phase reaction of acetylene and acetic acid, is used to obtain polyvinyl acetate a, as well as for copolymers with vinyl chloride, ethylene and other unsaturated compounds. Vinyl acetate is used in organic synthesis to introduce a vinyl group and...
Group: Vinylacetate
Acetone technical GOST 2768-84
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  • 80 RUB/l  - from 2 l
Minimum order cost: 160.00 RUB
Acetone technical ((CH 3 ) 2 CO) is used for the synthesis of acetic anhydride, acetone cyanohydrin, diphenylopropane and other organic products. Acetone is used as a solvent in various industries. Acetone dissolves well many organic substances (cellulose acetate and nitrocellulose, fats, wax,...
Group: Solvents
Concentrated / non-concentrated nitric acid GOST 701-89 / GOST 113-03-270-90
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14.5 RUB
Concentrated nitric acid GOST 701 - 89 is produced by autoclaving weak nitric acid and nitrogen oxides, produced in two grades - "A" and "B". Grade "A" is used in the manufacture of products for the electronic and radio - electronic industries, nitration of organic compounds, the production of...
Group: Acid nitric
Technical salt
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  • 4 RUB/pcs  - from 2 pcs
Minimum order cost: 8.00 RUB
Technical salt is a free - flowing natural crystalline product, halite, rock salt, technical sodium chloride NaCl, which is obtained during the processing of self - precipitated salt. Technical salt is popular, widely in demand, it has been especially used to combat icing, icing, and it is also...
Group: Technical salt
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  • 6.5 RUB/kg.  - from 1000 kg.
This is a material with binder properties, which is obtained as a result of firing followed by processing of carbonate rocks. Among them: calcareous - magnesian minerals, limestone, chalk. Lime, in various forms, is used in almost all areas of human activity, including the construction industry. In...
Group: Lime
Urea (grade A, B) GOST 2081-92
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  • 24 RUB/kg.  - from 2 kg.
Minimum order cost: 48.00 RUB
Urea CO (NH 2 ) 2 (urea) - contains 46% nitrogen in amide form and is the most concentrated solid nitrogen fertilizer. Urea is produced in two grades: A - white crystals or granules (for industry) and B - white or slightly colored granules (for agriculture). It dissolves well in water. Poorly...
Group: Carbamide


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