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HimTrejd, OOO
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About enterprise HimTrejd, OOO

The main activity of our company is the supply of basic chemistry products and various types of fertilizers for agricultural producers (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, complex, water-soluble), etc. from leading Russian manufacturers, and we also conduct soil analysis for more accurate and high-quality application of mineral fertilizers for various crops.
The advantage of our company lies not only in an impeccable reputation, confirmed by years of stable and well-coordinated work of professionals with many years of experience in the chemical industry, but also in the possibility of prompt delivery of high-quality products.
The company "HimTrade" is the official representative of many manufacturers of industrial chemicals.
Another advantage of cooperation with our company is the possibility of delivering products by car and rail. The company's goal is to create high-quality and mutually beneficial conditions for long-term cooperation with companies from all regions of Russia.
Long-term cooperation with transport companies allows you to make express delivery at the lowest prices
Since 2011, we have grown tenfold, but the company's principles have remained unchanged: we still believe that our main value is our customers; we are still confident that the success of our customers is also our success.
We fulfill our main task – to supply our customers with high-quality raw materials
Cooperation with us gives confidence in the future!
All the reagents supplied have certificates and correspond to the declared quality.
We are always glad to see you, we are waiting for you !


How we work:

You leave a request by email;
The manager calls back if there are any questions;
Issuing a KP or invoice;
Receiving the order.
To order the material, an application is initially required from you, indicating:
Company details;
Volume and brand of materials;
Delivery cities, if necessary, payment with delivery.
The site has retail and wholesale prices for the material.

Our company offers various inexpensive delivery methods! Delivery of products is carried out in the following ways:
Transport companies (to calculate the delivery, contact the managers with an application by mail). Shipment to the shopping center "KIT", "Business lines" is made daily. We take you to the terminals in Nevinnomyssk for FREE!
Own transport
By passing car (we calculate delivery individually, inexpensive delivery of large volumes)
by railway containers. To calculate the delivery of railway containers, you need to know:
Destination station (station name, station code);
Does this station accept 20-40 ft. containers.
Information for pickup from the warehouse
After paying for the material at pickup, it is necessary to inform about the day of arrival at the warehouse one day in advance.
The warehouse is not located at the legal address, to get a driving directions, you need to write to your manager.



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