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Vinyl acetate TU 6-11-0209955-1-88
  • Vinyl acetate TU 6-11-0209955-1-88

Vinyl acetate TU 6-11-0209955-1-88

Code:ТУ 6-11-0209955-1-88
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Country of manufacture:Russia
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Vinyl acetate - rectified - a product of the vapor - phase reaction of acetylene and acetic acid, is used to obtain polyvinyl acetate a, as well as for copolymers with vinyl chloride, ethylene and other unsaturated compounds. Vinyl acetate is used in organic synthesis to introduce a vinyl group and as a monomer for the production of polyvinyl acetate (which is used for the production of water - based paints and varnishes, various types of adhesives, impregnations, floor tiles, acrylic fibers, paper coatings and nonwovens) and copolymers.

Vinyl acetate is flammable liquid, explosive. Acetic acid, acetaldehyde and acetone contained in vinyl acetate in the form of impurities cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and upper respiratory tract.


Vinyl acetate - rectified is transported in railway and road tanks. Transportation in aluminum barrels is allowed.
Barrels are transported by rail, road and water transport.



3 months from the date of production.


Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 07.09.2021

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